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Your research can change the world so it should be visible and smartly promoted througout the world. We are committed to promote your research world-wide.

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Anyone who is innovative and creative enough to discover new discover new horizons of research by observation and in depth knowledge.

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We think that information should be available to all sectors of society in order to assist develop and enhance society and expedite discoveries.

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Founded in 2019, Qlantic is an independent publishing house, committed to produce good quality research in various fields of Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Management Sciences, Engineering and Technology and Agriculture. We are collaborating with various research and educational bodies having research mandate in their respective fields to publish productive and impactful research.

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TTo provide a platform for people to discuss their ideas and opinions on all of the issues that are currently affecting our society. We provide individuals with the confidence to innovate independently, regardless of their political, communal, regional, or ethnical backgrounds, so that we can create an atmosphere in which all members collaborate, interrelate, and correspond with regard to all relevant issues.

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TTo produce good quality research for all the segments of society by publishing, sharing, and promoting impactful research and to eliminate societal afflictions and contribute to the development of society by boosting up measures among worldwide society members, so that they may engage passionately and cooperatively while developing and enriching society with the support of new abstractions and inventions.

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We are committed to partner with eudcational bodies that have the capacity to produce good quality research

Latest from our Journals

Abstract : This contemporaneous study investigates the effect of classroom activities in developing environmental literacy among 8th-grade students of Govt. Boys High School, Bagrian. The research discovers the effect of classroom activities on participants' environmental literacy. A single-group pre-test and post-test experimental research design was applied. The data was assembled through an MCQ test to...

Farzeen Fazal   Maimoona Naeem   Fareeha Sherazi   

Abstract : The purpose of writing this paper is to give an integrated framework in the form of a theoretical model to understand the influence of gig work-related job characteristics on the psychological well-being of gig workers. A synthesis of existing literature in the form of research papers, conference proceedings, reports on gig index etc., is used to identify critical job characteristics, e.g., pre...

Nain Tara   Syed Muhammad Javed Iqbal